Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Milena Velba Free Galleries

Intercambio equivalente le dicen algunos...Yo lo llamo ojo por ojo, pr0n por pr0n

1. First 10 people to comment will get a free sketch /drabble/graphyc.
Just post a link to a reference in your comment, and maybe a small description.
2. BUT (because there's always a but) I won't start drawing you until you offer 10 free sketchesdrabbles in your own journal. (It can be on Livejournal, Deviantart, Twitter or Tumblr)
If you've already done this just show me some proof.
3. If i already owe you something try to ask something different.

1. A las primeras 10 personas que comenten les regalaré un sketch CHTML

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jewelry Course, Ottawa

XC was a little difficult but the system failed me qw! heavy in reading but I got to know many new skills that will last in my head for long.

At the beginning of the first semester enter new hires 11 people, of those 11 only 3 are left, perhaps the clinical area is not ideal for everyone and I guess I should learn more before entering a college, but hey, I know the reason for dropping out of some and personally I think the strongest are the ones who stayed (and curiously only me and my two closest friends of the race oo).
Finally, specialro me go much better in this quad to come:) and I must be patient because my new schedule is HORRIBLEEE! Dx! I did everything possible to avoid having to go on Saturday too but I could not help T___T well that I have a thousand hours off at times that are not usable ¬ ¬ me.

really do not want to abandon my LJ>. \u0026lt;I do not know what happens lol!

As the title says XD love my avatar MiyaxSatoshi (L)! I LOVE that part of the dvd x3 and avatar is not but a few seconds later when he sees Satoshi Miya turns with a look sooo full of love \u0026lt;3! * Freaks * Enough

xD see you in half a year 8D

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Quotes About Keepsakes First year mega fangasm


~ What do you do when you want an AMV of your favorite couple and you get it. Especially if one officer, official and all of the law in the form of OVA? Riz


The answer: Make an entry kilometer it. Thanks

Kishi / TvTokyo and partners and all they had to do with it ...

did not want to make an entrance and the beginning of this new year, and wanted to change the lay and the icons first butto them, Tobias (I think it is called, or damned me that day I walked by and I got stoned and the employer of Naruto SasuNaru that pushed to get this dish fanservice! canon) ignorant a reaction that caused thousands of fangirls around the globe is in their world.

Naruto Sasuke literally topeando

topear trying Naruto, failmente the teddy bear! Sasuke used to hug while sleeping, because srly can not hate him and love him while that ( ?)


Valle del purpose.

came nostalgic and sad time where the song is slow and where leaders apparently realize that they have put too much fanservice in the video SasuNaru SasuNaru Ghei official because they decide separated a few meters to Sasuke and Naruto with the hope that no one Paresce too geisha on the other, after all at age 8 had not yet realized that the wife! husband of another is that they have in hand.

The subtle change of music from sad to m &cute; to be missing before this:

Chidori vs Rasengan
, Valle del order anyone?

And finally, the scene of all comes Ghei ...

The music stops as we return to witness the almost-could-have-been-and-maybe-if-it-was kiss between those two \u0026lt;3

Y ... we're back to the scene of initiation. Sakura and Naruto still crying about this happily awake because we all know that Sasuke can be just as always, but bastard matarĂ­aa not your husband! Wife for anything Naruto ... and while giving Sakurais that Naruto is still alive (and strangely refrain from fucking her hit him with his act of 'I died but came back') continues to cry while Kakashi looks Somewhat relieved and stuff. Team 7 FTW! Sai pisses me off that there was not but I suppose that is unique to the 7 version 1.0

the rough is still alive and no shirt because for some reason is the only one who's wrong when they fight, that or Naruto actually thinks too sexy to walk in their dress Ghei. The smile of the end has three meanings to me: "The Dobe is still alive, dammit, and I thought that this time I spent 'or' d need Uff

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nero Vision Express Free Alternatives

Riz - I can not, is that Mrs. told me to do this first and urges. * Insert face here *
Daughter .... and so were the three fucking months I spent there. Alicia
: - Listen to my love. Make me the favor to put these pages in this folder. Riz : - * WTF * face Mr. Pacheco: - Alicia by God, that you can do it you. Alicia : - * * Conceals and goes
Pacheco Lic defended me from the clutches of Alice and her webonerĂ­a cr &; Oacute; unique ... ah! and its two pages to be put in that folder. Srly.

Alicia - You end your hours tomorrow right? Riz
: - Yes * smile from ear to ear * Alicia
: - Then I leave your phone number. Riz
: - * Face WTF Are you freaking serious? * What? Alicia
: - To ask things for themselves do not know how to do them. Riz
: - * Face WTF Are you freaking serious? increased by thousand *

Srly. Fortunately that has kept the job for the last 20 years * sarcasm * At the end of my day today l